Stocks and ETFs Purchased: July 2020


Hello folks!

How is going? I am sharing what stocks and ETFs I added in July 2020 into my taxable brokerage account. I am using this account to build a dividend focused portfolio, so in early retirement it can supply needed passive income to cover some living expenses.

I added three high dividend stable companies like Intel, Honeywell and 3M.

These are solid dividend payers for many years. I love the solid balance sheet and strong industry presence of each of them.

As you can see, I also added five different Vanguard ETFs. Some of them are sector specific (like Utilities, Materials, IT industry) while others are based on market cap size. ETF s are big part of my portfolio as I find they bring considerable diversity and stability into my portfolio.



Disclaimer: This article shows my personal opinion and it’s for entertainment purpose only. This is no way professional financial advice. You may seek professional advice or conduct own research before investing. This site uses affiliated links and cookies. Please read the disclaimer & Privacy section for details.



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