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This is Fred and thanks for stopping by! I am in my  thirties and happily married for last 7 years!  Currently, I work full time as a design engineer for manufacturing industries. I am an avid traveler and hiker and love to more of those once retired. My favorite pastime is to research about personal finance and investing.  I enjoy exploring different investing ideas and discussing them with like minded folks. With my current savings rate and investing strategy, I hope to be financially independent and retire early (FIRE) by age of 45. 

This blog is about my personal FIRE journey. I have well paid (not complaining!) job but no plan to continue working till my sixties. I love working as an engineer, solving problems but not loving the long commute, endless deadlines, ..the list goes on 

 At present, saving around 45% of my salary and investing mostly in both individual stocks and low cost index funds. My investment strategy is mostly geared towards dividend growth. I am also trying to wrap up my 30-year house mortgage in about 10 years. A paid off house will significantly reduce overall monthly  expenses during  retirement. I think the journey towards FI is more like taking a hike. A hiker has a destination in mind but enjoys the beauties along the way! The terrain may not always be smooth but hey, that's what brings the fun 👍

My current savings and investing target are to accumulate about 25 times of yearly expense and the withdraw about 3% yearly. Once I reach that, I will still want to work but more as part time and explore some hobbies that may bring some extra cash.
Please feel free to contact me at:  FredFI2020@gmail.com

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