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Making the passive income stronger with dividend

Hello folks! Happy Sunday morning! just made my French roast coffee and feeling like sharing few thoughts with you all. I am not sure if other folks who are working from home having this less gloomy Sunday evening feeling. Previously before the pandemic, when I had to go to office on Monday, from Sunday afternoon I used to feel bit depressed. Seemingly, after I started working from home, that sad vibe is almost gone! I guess the thought of getting up early, driving through traffic and fighting for a parking spot, all creates unnecessary panic among regular 8-5 office going folks. I feel like working from home making me much relaxed and productive. Most of my colleagues expressed the same opinion and our management informed that they are seeing higher productivity across all departments 😊 Hopefully, once pandemic is over, we will still be allowed to work from home. I can feel that I am getting two extra hours everyday that was lost on commuting back and forth to office. Additi

Curious similarity between dieting and investing process.

Hello there all! Hope everyone is safe and doing well! Few days ago, I was reading a blogpost and there was discussion about how people struggle to save and invest consistently for longer period. After thinking about this issue for some time, I assume most probable cause is non-enjoyment. Vast majorly of people who fail to stick to saving & investing (s&i), force them to continue the journey rather than enjoying it. We need to remember s&i is not a bitter pill to swallow for some time and one day we will be financially independent (f&i). For most of average income folks like me, it will easily take 12 to 20 years of consistent s&I to be f&i. To me, this process is fairly like sticking to a healthy diet and physical exercise routine. Personally, I was not a big fan of healthy diet and exercise in my younger age. I enjoyed eating out almost every day and had to had burgers and fries almost 3-4 times a week. Although I signed up several times on gym me