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A good stock for long term dividend growth

Hello there all! Another Sunday for blog time with coffee! This week was quite busy with both office  and personal work. I had to spend quite a bit time for car repair. Last Sunday, I was driving in heavy rain and roads were kind of submerged. Suddenly I heard a hard scratch sound coming from the undercarriage. Luckily, I was just few minutes away from home so decided to drive anyway. Next morning, I went to inspect what really happened on previous night. Seems like some part of plastic and metal cover that protects the transmission system just shattered. Most probably there was a large rock or metal was hiding under water to hit my poor car 😒 So, had to call insurance, report claim and arrange towing to dealership for repair. Also, suddenly office workload increased so much that did not find much to think of anything else. Interestingly I found when I had to give sometime of day for personal work, office work just piling up  with sharp deadlines 😊 LOL. Murphy’ law seems

How Telecom sector may provide solid dividend growth potential

One of my investing strategies is to diversify across several sectors of the stock market. Among all sectors, I think Telecom sector is going to be thriving in coming years. Whatever we do these days, seems like all somehow depends on consuming more and more data and internet time. Also assuming, with time, most of the jobs will be remote in nature, so people will need ever increasing access to internet. With the advent of 5G, personal and business data consumption will be a big source for telecom giants like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast etc. Although developing infrastructure for telecom companies is capital intensive but a steady revenue somehow seems like offset that burden. I don’t think this sector went slump like energy sector in past many years. My personal investing strategy is geared towards more on dividend growth side. I have many growths only stocks in my portfolio but try to keep them no more than 25 percent. One of the characteristics of large telecom stock i

How to cut spending and save more for investing?

Image Curtesy:  Public Co in pixby It’s a beautiful Sunny Sun day! It’s hard to believe such a pandemic is ravaging lives across the country. On surface all seems all ok but it’s not, such a strange feeling. I hope all are staying safe and healthy. I am working from home for almost now 1 and half month and office just declared it will remain same till end of summer. I believe for any large organization its going to be a challenge to bring all employee back while keeping safeguards in place. In my office floor there are about 40 people are placed in adjacent cubicles. I don’t think it will easy to keep safe distance even half of the folks decide to back to office. Then additional risk will be sharing the rest rooms, elevators, kitchen area so on. Anyway, today I am going to share some thoughts on saving few extra dollars by cutting recurring expenses that we just cannot stop spending. Now that I am stuck at home, I started reviewing our monthly recurring bills except gro

What I am thinking about investing in this bear market?

Hi everyone! Gosh, what a year 2020 is. I wish I could flip the calendar and start 2021 right now. The health, emotional and financial stress this one single disease causing is unimaginable. I hope whoever is reading this post is healthy and your loved ones are take care of. I did not get chance to sit down and write a post in last couple of months with some issues at work and working a DIY project on our kitchen and backyard. I am sure many folks in FIRE journey may be evaluating the whole FIRE concept critically. My personal portfolio dropped about 30% at the worst on Mid March but since recovered about 15% of the loss. So I can feel the needle pinch pain there! I was reading few other FIRE blogs and seems like lot of folks really questioning how people who are already in retirement phase (RE) are coping with the loss of portfolio and hence reduced income? My personal thought is that it should not be a big deal, as part of FIRE we are supposed to have at least 6-8 month of expe