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How to afford more vacation days?

Hello folks! Hope all are doing great! Who wants more vacation days?? The answer is, I want, you want, everyone wants!! Today I am going to share few thoughts on what I am doing to get more vacation days from work and hence reduce burn out from work stress. One of the major downsides of corporate America is fewer paid vacation days compared to Europe and Canada. On average, we get about two weeks of paid vacation days per year. Depending on employer, it can be few days more or less but I guess this is a good average number. I find this few paid vacations are no way enough for working people to de-stress and recharge! In most European countries and in Canada, the number of paid vacations is more than 4 weeks/yearly. I think we should have more paid vacation days to bring more quality to life. If I think the total number of off days I get from office are about total little over 3 weeks = 2-week vacation + 1 week (Christmas, New year, Thanksgiving etc.). So technically this m

Will IT sector lead the future of stocks?

Hello folks! Hope all are doing well! We are having high infection rate in Texas, so I was mostly indoors during this 4 th of July break. In addition to all the turmoils, the movement in stock market is giving me a hard time to concentrate. Seems like recent upward trend already counted in post pandemic recovery although pandemic is nowhere near to be over. Tesla stock is on fire and $1400 price point seems quite expensive to me. Listening to few expert analysts, a good valuation may be around $800. I guess lot of inflow to that stock is due to fear of missing out. As long as fed is pumping zero interest money in market, I am not expecting much of pull back in this market. IT sector saw the most rapid recovery from the march dip. Overall, I think work from home is going to be here even pandemic is over. Also, most of large retailer are going to adopt online based business model rather than brick and mortar stores. All these are going to just drive the demand for software a