Is passive income key to reduce workplace stress?

Hello folks!
How is going? Today I like to bring up an issue that is so common to anyone going through 8-5 grinding at work.  I think work related stress is real and a significant issue in most people’s life. The cause of work-related stress can be diverse but here are few I think are major: stressful job assignments, multiple project deadline, long commute, tough manager, corporate b.s. To name a few. Now, the problem is we need to go through all of these year after years without better alternate. The obvious reason behind is that we all eagerly wait for that paycheck end of every month. Does not matter how stressed you are, you are going to be grinding coz you just can’t afford a month without that paycheck. Also not mentioning dependence on employer sponsored health insurance. 

I have been working for last several years on varying engineering roles. Sometimes I feel like to leave everything behind coz the stress is slowly building upon me year after year. Two of my major sources of stress are long commute and assignment on multiple projects same time. Although I can technically work from home, but management would not allow for no obvious reason. But I guess they know everyone working needs that paycheck, so no one is going to make a big fuss about that. Moving to another company is not always that favorable as I never know what type of management is waiting for me there. 

Realistically I don’t see much of options except finding a way to pay bills without that paycheck. That’s why I am saving and investing religiously in last couple of years to build a large enough portfolio, so dividends can generate enough passive income. Once my passive dividend income is enough to cover monthly expenses, I can demand favorable work options from employer. If they don’t permit, I can just quit or try another employer. If nothing works, I can start freelancing or find a side hustle to bring extra cash. 

Personally, I know few people who got better deal at work who negotiated it by just letting manager know they will quit if their work options are not granted. No company wants to lose a good employee over small favor. But they will try to squeeze you as much as they can if they sense you are so dependent on the paycheck.

Financial independence is the way  to get out of stress! Life is short, so I don’t see a point of grinding through my sixties for that paycheck. 

Disclaimer: This article shows my personal opinion and it’s for entertainment purpose only. This is no way professional financial advice. You may seek professional advice or conduct own research before investing. This site uses affiliated links and cookies. Please read the disclaimer & Privacy section for details.


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