How to save money every week and invest slowly!

One of my  favorite way to get some extra cash to invest is on squeezing weekly grocery expense. This is may sound bit extreme but I find it a fun challenge. Here I am sharing my personal strategy to save additional about 20-30 bucks every week and then invest in dividend paying  stocks or exchange traded funds (etf).

Currently my weekly grocery budget is about $130 and I challenge myself to save about 20% of that.
Here are some strategy is working quite for me in last few years:

1. Try to shop from a grocery that not located in an expensive neighborhood. I found this way I can easily save 10% of budget.

2. Always compare store-brands with traditionally popular name-brands. What I observers that store-brands are overall  25-35% cheaper than popular name-brands but hardly much difference in quality. For an example, last week I bought 2 roll of  store brand kitchen towel for $1.5. Same pair from Kimberly-Clarke costs almost twice around $3.5. Same lower cost goes  for diapers, toilet paper and the list goes on and on.

3. Look for sale in the produce department. I observed every week, there are sale going on several produce items. So if green bell peppers on sale why bother buying red bell peppers:)

4. For non-perishable items, it might be cheaper to buy in bulk from Costco or Sams Club. Usually you can easily save about 30% on things like Olive oil, nuts, dry snacks etc.

5.  Always try to have a written-list of things (at least in my mind) to buy for the coming week. Otherwise I would end up impulse buying few things while wandering between aisles in store.

This strategy may sound bit daunting at first but once you practice few times, its kinda addictive. I still remember first time I tried this few years back and saved around 30 bucks on a nice sunny sunday:) Once back home, I opened my laptop and put an order for 1 AT & T stock at $ 29. I guess today AT & T stock is  at $39. So without doing much I got about $10 capital gain and also received another $9 in dividends.

This strategy might be helpful for folks who don't have a large sum to invest. It does not seem a lot at first but replicating every week in a year will make a big difference in savings and investing.

Disclaimer: This article is my personal opinion only. This is not professional financial advice.

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