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Hello folks!
Happy Sunday morning! just made my French roast coffee and feeling like sharing few thoughts with you all. I am not sure if other folks who are working from home having this less gloomy Sunday evening feeling. Previously before the pandemic, when I had to go to office on Monday, from Sunday afternoon I used to feel bit depressed. Seemingly, after I started working from home, that sad vibe is almost gone! I guess the thought of getting up early, driving through traffic and fighting for a parking spot, all creates unnecessary panic among regular 8-5 office going folks. I feel like working from home making me much relaxed and productive. Most of my colleagues expressed the same opinion and our management informed that they are seeing higher productivity across all departments😊
Hopefully, once pandemic is over, we will still be allowed to work from home. I can feel that I am getting two extra hours everyday that was lost on commuting back and forth to office. Additionally, feeling physically better due to more sleep time and less tiredness from driving all those hours.
Now on saving and investment side, I am following the same trend that I used to do last few years. Technically I am supposed to save bit more as fuel and other costs are down, but due to sudden car repair and few other family expenses, could not boost up saving in last two months. Hopefully from next month will try to save and invest few extra dollars. Usually my portfolio consists of about 70% dividend and 30% growth type stocks/ETFs. But very recently I am trying increase dividend portion bit higher. I am getting this feeling that this pandemic and high unemployment is not going away anytime soon this year. Also, once Q3 and Q4 earning report will come out, we will see the true extent of damages due to prolonged lock-down and high unemployment. However, I am all for lock-down and social distancing, as everyone’s health is the most important factor to be prioritized. We all can survive with less earning but catching this virus is no way worth. As the states and health care system now have some idea about how to keep this virus tracked and isolated, hopefully we will not be  in a situation like in early April and May in New York. But due to all preventive measures, business activity will be limited for many more months until mass vaccination happens.
As an investor I like to follow dollar cost averaging, so I am keeping my investment rate steady all over the year. Last week I invested in following stocks and VYM ETF which are sound dividend generator. I am not sure what stock growth looks like in rest of this year, but I know these stocks are going to provide me handsome dividend and  I will just reinvest to buy more shares..

Looking at my purchase list, you might think stock EME has only dividend of around 0.5% and why I added that. This is bit funny, I was actually going to buy Emerson electric (EMR), but due to a typo, I ended up with Emcor Group Inc (EME) stock. I guess its not my fault, why HP  had to put E and R next to each other in keyboard😊 LOL!  After I realized the mistake, I started a quick research on EME, interestingly it’s a solid growth stock since 1996 and currently going at a discount price. So, I decided to keep it and maybe I will add few EME stock soon! Blessings in disguise!

Overall General Mills (GIS) and Tyson foods (TSN) are great companies in food sector and I guess their market will remain strong. Tyson recently had some plant closures, but I read that they have  effective management board and they are caring towards their employees in these hard times. To me, that counts a lot! LyondellBasel (LYB) is a large global chemical manufacturer with 6.31% dividend and stable stock price. For my international readers, if you are not familiar with CVS and Walgreens, both  are among the largest health care supply stores and part of our everyday life here in USA!

That’s it for today. Please stay safe all!

Image courtesy:  Prawny from Pixabay

Disclaimer: This article shows my personal opinion and it’s for entertainment purpose only. This is no way professional financial advice. You may seek professional advice or conduct own research before investing. This site uses affiliated links and cookies. Please read the disclaimer & Privacy section for details.


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